Hello and welcome to my site I J S Photography35.

My name is Ian Sayce, and I am  photographer based in Boston Spa, West Yorkshire.  Leopard night shot Image © 2015 Ian Sayce / IJSPhotography35

I have, since being married, travelled to over twenty six countries with my Wife to date. It began by hopping over the channel, to visit many of the European destinations that are on our doorstep.

This was followed by travelling the far East, visiting Cambodia, China, Thailand and Vietnam. It was then, that we decided to reward our interest in wildlife, by visiting (and falling in love with) Kenya and South Africa these, on separate tours.  The United States followed, and then glorious Cuba.

My Photographic interest began in the latter part of 1989, when I attended an adult photography course. This covered all aspects of photography, and in those days it included developing B&W film this, being the foundations of my photographic hobby to date.
I have, over the past twenty five years further advanced my photographic skills. I have attended various workshops, covering all aspects of photography.  The courses in portraiture for instance, have allowed me to progress, and build my own studio for my own brand of portrait and studio work.
My other interests include both landscape and wildlife photography, and I have attended courses covering these subjects in Africa, Portugal and Scotland. These, supplemented by the numerous local venues here in Yorkshire – God’s own Country!
I have been a member of ‘Wetherby Camera’ club since 2001. I consider myself as being a successful photographer, having entered many photographic competitions over the years – and even won the odd one or two..!
I was so pleased, when my panel of images were considered by the Royal Photographic Society, to be of such a standard, that I was enrolled as a ‘Licentiate’ in 2013.
I have covered several types of photographic challenges over the years. To date these include; 4 Weddings, 2 Christenings, 12 Holy Communions, Dance Shows, Music Concerts and Portraiture in venues that included Studio, Urban and many other locations.

My contact email address is: ijs.photography35@gmail.com


image © steve darracott / sghenryd 2015


Licentiateship LRPS

All Images ©Ian Sayce LRPS / ijsphotography35 2017


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