Ian Sayce, is an accomplished, multi-disciplined, photographer with a studio based in Boston Spa, West Yorkshire. He is a master of his art who has seen success with his wildlife images that span from the largest beast to the finest detail of an insect utilising ‘macro’ photography.

He produces his own style of photography that includes all aspects of camera skills and genre. A proven globetrotter and accompanied by his wife Janet, they have toured Europe, South East Asia, South Africa and the USA.

Ian has been a member and supported his local camera club for over twenty years, his competitive nature led to many successful entries at both club and district competition level. As a member of the Royal Photographic Society in 2013 his submitted panel of images successfully gained him the ‘Licentiate’ distinction.

“I was so pleased, when my panel of images were considered by the Royal Photographic Society, to be of such a standard, that I was enrolled as a ‘Licentiate’ in 2013.”

His photographic skills and capacity to take on the demanding project has given Ian much admiration from his fellow club and society members. It will be of no surprise to discover that he has also embraced and photographed innumerable community events that include Weddings, Christenings, Holy Communions, Dance and Music Concerts. His inventory of skills, and interests continue to grow, and his approach to any new challenge is accentuated in his final image.

Ian is also associated with ‘Artists Around Wetherby’ who hold an annual event where the public are able to access each of its members studios to meet the artist and view their work.

Contact me directly: ijs.photography35@gmail.com or, by using the ‘leave a reply’ section at the bottom of this page.

All Images & Content ©Ian Sayce / ijsphotography35. 2017-2022

Ian Sayce LRPS
Ian & Friend

Licentiateship LRPS
The RPS logo & RPS Licentiate Logo are © The Royal Photographic Society – Please visit www.rps.org

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